When you close your eyes and envision your day, you don’t picture yourself standing in a church. Or dimmed lights. Or echoing footsteps.

Because you? Your love belongs outside. And you’ve always envisioned a wedding without walls. 

When you picture it, you can smell the fresh air. You can feel a slight breeze on your shoulder and the warmth of the setting sun on your cheek. You hear birds chirping and see all your favorite people taking in the view.

You don’t know where this magical location is or how to plan it, but you know in your soul that it’s the kind of day you want to celebrate your love.

We can make it happen for you. That party you've always envisioned? You know, the one with the divine food and fun drinks in the coolest location? We'll find you the perfect spot and plan all the details to bring that to life.

Let’s go off the beaten path, together … 

Weddings without


Wedding & event planning, catering, design & exclusive venue locations - everything your wine country celebration needs

off the beaten path

lead the way to stress-free planning

i need that!

Leave the search engine behind. Cut the stress.

we got you.

We’d like you to start thinking of us as your wine country wedding genies. We anticipate your wishes and breathe magic into your celebration. When you’re working with a team who is as passionate about customizing wishes and designing dreams as we are, well, you can’t help but feed off our excitement. Everything we do makes your life easier and happier so you can focus on the important stuff like living your best engaged life!

Experience the ease and excitement of creating your celebration. 

A day curated to you — true to the spirit of your celebration, true to your heart (and true to your budget). 

We focus on nature-inspired beauty, exclusive and elegant locations, farm to table food and drinks, served with gracious hospitality. 

The planning process is a breeze and, all throughout the preparations, you actually get to enjoy the experience. You’ll look forward to every detail, large and small, coming together to create a day that will make you feel like you belong in a movie or a magazine.

i want that kind of experience


-jaime a.

“They say that weddings are supposed to be stressful and that something inevitably goes wrong - but with the OTBP team behind you there is nothing to worry about!”


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