With Off the Beaten Path, you have effortless party planning in your pocket. 
Every question is answered to your satisfaction. 
Every concern addressed. 
Worries alleviated. 
No last minute scrambling. All imaginable details delivered. 

Before you even think of a problem that needs solving, we’ve already solved it. What problem? Exactly.

We know what you’re going through. Trying to plan a wedding from out of town or out of the country is like being blindfolded and led through a dangerous (and expensive) obstacle course. It takes a lot of trust. 
We are your eyes, seeing with your vision. 
We are your heart, making sure every detail of your day matches the spirit of your celebration. 
We are your feet on the ground, walking through venues, running circles through wine country making sure everything for your day lines up.

You don’t know
what you don’t know,

you know?

We handcraft peace of mind and personalized visions.

anti-cookie cutter! 

You didn’t choose a wedding in wine country so it could be like everyone else’s.

Your celebration will be as singular as your fingerprint. From birch wood, rich greenery or mercury glass centerpieces to the custom cocktail handed to your guests as they arrive.
Literally. Every. Single. Detail. Is unique to you. 

You didn't wish for your fantasy wedding only to suffer from endless amounts of stress. 
Stress sucks all the joy out of your engagement and your celebration. We won’t let stress anywhere near you, not even within a mile radius. 
We’ve got it ALL handled – the checklist, the spreadsheets, the emails, the phone calls, the logistics, the negotiations. You’ll still be involved in the process as much as you want to be. But your enjoyment of the process and peace of mind are our highest priority.

I’m all about it! Show me the details!

What will your guests experience? Quite possibly the most gorgeous wedding they’ve ever been to and the party of the century for starters. 
The seasonally infused signature cocktails they imbibe will be both refreshing and astonishing – unlike anything they have ever sipped. The hors d'oeuvres might be so delectable that you’ll see even the most refined guest go for seconds and thirds. The seasonally inspired and locally sourced entree will be so fresh and delightful that no food will ever taste the same again.

And don’t forget about the espresso bar, the dessert table and the dance floor. Definitely don’t forget about the dance floor. 

Well-fed, well-boozed, well-attended to and practically levitating, your guests will experience a night that they’ll never forget and they’ll keep talking about it for years to come.

the VIPs

You had me at the mention of cocktails


“Months later, our guests are still talking about the outstanding farm to table cuisine, the espresso bar and dessert table along with the entire experience."