Since 2008, Off the Beaten Path has created exceptional and memorable celebrations. We set the scene on exclusive “off the beaten path” locations. Then we create farm to table feasts, earth to glass signature cocktails, breathtaking florals fresh from the field and every minute detail crafted to match your vision. 

All you and your guests have to do is eat, drink, be merry, and make memories. 

meet the

magic makers

Director of Experience –
Our fearless leader, Stephanie Brown

10 years in this industry has been a blessing, especially remembering my previous incarnation in the financial field... I got my start from the ground up in a wine tasting room where I fell in love with the world of food and wine. With my innate passion to connect people with nature along with the area's local, seasonal food and resources, it just made sense to pair everything together in a beautiful package for my clients.

I make my work personal and bring in the values I hold dear: acceptance and inclusiveness, freedom, transformation and growth. Kindness, care and authenticity matter. The way you celebrate your love matters. Local, seasonal food and beverages have an impact. Going green and eco-conscious makes a difference. Celebrating in nature has a tangible effect. Curating weddings is my way of upholding my own values, as well as the values of my couples.

Chief Experience Officer 

jamal jennings

I've been AROUND the hospitality world – set up, striker, front of house and back of house. This wide-ranging experience allows me to understand what each member of our service and catering staff is going through, what is expected of them and what they need to thrive (and keep a smile) in their work. I always ensure that everything happens in a timely fashion and the work we're doing is efficient, fun and sufficiently staffed.

When I'm not acting as an event manager, I'm a screenplay writer and actor. I love bringing stories of all kinds to life and your wedding day is a story I can't wait to see unfold. The most satisfying aspect of my job is just seeing our couples have the time of their life, without a worry in the world, smiling from ear to ear.

stephanie brown

meet the team

Creative Director

I began working in the event + wedding industry 8 years ago fresh out of design school. I have always been a graphic designer with a strong passion for lettering, styling and every creative mark that can make a day that much more special. I create everything from inspiration boards to day-of materials like signage, place cards, and even some cake decorating. Design, for me, is about solving problems and accepting challenges with confidence, open mindedness and enthusiasm. Design is forever my labor of love. I’ll climb ladders with Stephanie to hang that beautiful olive branch garland just perfectly, snip 200 rosemary twigs for your napkin treatment, I’ll even run to the local market if the party runs dry on Tito’s. And if you’re feeling stressed, I also happen to carry bubbles regularly to lighten the mood. Seeing couples enjoying their day stress free and loving the creative touches I put together is the ultimate fulfillment.

gloria catherine

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